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Talk Works provides rapid access to talking therapies and training workshops to businesses and organisations based in the North East of England. Our Counsellors, CBT Therapists and Psychologists offer individual psychological therapy for staff. Our Learning & Development team helps your organisation to develop staff via training and workshops to identify and respond to mental ill health and establish a culture of wellbeing in your organisation. Our experts help you maximise the potential of your workforce.

Counselling and Psychological Therapy

Our clinical team of Counsellors, CBT Therapists and Psychologists provide rapid access to one-to-one counselling and psychological talking therapy for employees and staff who are struggling with mental health difficulties and work-related stress. This is offered on both a pay-as-you-go and contract basis.

Our clinics are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, Sunderland, Newton Aycliffe, Darlington and Stockton-upon-Tees. We typically offer an appointment with one of our therapists within a week.

Staff training, workshops and seminars

Our Learning & Development team will work with you to improve staff wellbeing and productivity.

Are you looking for lunchtime seminars on stress management or sleep, training groups on mental health awareness, on-site drop-in clinics or mindfulness based resilience workshops?

We create bespoke content to meet your employees’ training needs.


Stress and Mental Health Awareness

Mental health costs UK businesses £30 billion a year in lost production and sickness absence. How much does it cost you? We help your organisation tackle stress in a stress-free way. Our trainers provide mental health awareness training, help you manage absence and support staff to navigate their return to work.

Mindfulness-based Resilience

Want to boost resilience in the workforce? We can help. Our wellbeing workshops introduce mindfulness for busy people and relaxation techniques to use at work or home. Invite our team of psychologists for a lunchtime seminar, group workshop or training event.


Research from the Harvard Medical School shows that insomnia is the leading cause of lost productivity in the workplace. The average loss per employee is 11.3 days per year. Our trainers educate your staff regarding better sleep habits, how to manage sleep and shift work; our clinicians treat those suffering with insomnia.

Mental health is a broad spectrum. – 1 in 4 people in the UK suffers mental health problems, including anxiety, stress in the workplace and substance misuse.

We believe that early intervention is the driver to success, and we can help you assess mental health in your workforce and offer training and treatment where necessary. Talk to us about staff engagement.