Sage Gateshead


“At Sage Gateshead we actively utilise the services of Talk Works to help support our 520 employees in positive wellbeing initiatives. These initiatives have included direct training in mental health awareness for managers, a counselling mental health referral process for individual employees and presentations available to all staff on topics including; mental health awareness, mindfulness and sleep. The positive impact this has had on the business and staff morale is notable. Managers feel more empowered to speak directly with members of their team about mental health issues. Staff at Sage now believe the organisation is supporting them in their mental health and wellbeing through the presentations and being able to access interventions quickly and confidentially through the referral service. The confidential reports provided by Talk Works also help the HR team support staff whilst at work. Feedback from the support Talk Works has delivered for Sage Gateshead is always 100% positive due to the professional and tailored approach they take specific to the organisation and individual.”



Victoria Manghan, HR Manager, Calsonic Kansei


“Partnering with Talk Works has completely changed our provision of mental health services with us moving from a one size fits all ‘counselling’ approach to tailored treatment…. Talk Works have supported us in this journey all whilst understanding the cost challenges and budget constraints which exist within such a lean, manufacturing environment.”